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Sex January 27, In general, know that your body is deserving of pleasure, and that you taste just fine as you are — but if you'd like to try to make sure you're as clean as possible, the above tips should help put your mind at ease. Anal Preparation 3. It also helps keep pH levels balanced, which is good for keeping things from getting funky down below. As a result, eating cranberries can reduce the saltiness of semen and sweeten it a bit. Cardamom, peppermint, or lemon make oral sex taste better also believed to do the trick. Finally, if he's got his face buried in your crotch, he's probably not going to be put off if the taste he's experiencing isn't that of make oral sex taste better donut or glass of fine whisky; your vagina is never going to taste like a fruit salad, and that's okay.
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