Humanoids and Zombies

alien grandmother, ca. 2004


marblehead zombie



standing and fallen zombies



stone god, granite, over life size


 garden monster, bluestone

garden zombie, granite


"Husband"-sculpture, ocean rock

(so named by a customer who recognized her husband in this sculpture)


Gardengoblin, ocean rock

(another portrait of an aging husband)


A watertap in our nursery called 'Dripnose'

(photo by Gary Mitchell)

Tall Man

height to top ca. 9 ft.

Jan. 2007

This guy is our watchman in the woodland. He stands 6 ft. tall.

(photo by Gary Mitchell)


face with long nose, marble


sleeping face, marble

ugly mask, fieldstone, 2006

This is one of my first stone faces; It is standing guard in my mother's garden. Once in a while one has to take the moss off to clear his view.




Sculpting with


Painting with


Shaping the Earth



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