Sea creatures: Sponges, Coelenterata, Mollusks


Sponge # 1

Sponge # 2







Old Clam

(Photo: Gary Mitchell)


Octopus, fieldstone boulder, finished Jan. 2007


The opposite of above echinoderm: the stone for this octopus was a soft-rounded boulder with cracks, and had roughly the shape that it still has at this point. However, it has given me the inspiration to carve an octopus out of it, and dictated the shape and character of the art piece strongly. It is less perfect in shape, but it has spontaneity and great personality. The weathered look gives it a rustic appearance.







Shell of Gastropod

 marble block, Dec. 2006


Large Brown Snail with House, fieldstones; finished 2007

Photo: Gary Mitchell


Long Black Slug, fieldstone, 2007

Photo: Gary Mitchell


Black Snail, fieldstone, 2006







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