Sea creatures: Echinoderms 


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Suspended Starfish


Echinoderm # 2

Beach boulder, 2006



Echinoderm, beach boulder, granite 2005


Echionoid Rock, fieldstone, 2007

Photo: Gary Mitchell


This echinoderm is different from the other work on this page in that it is carved from a block of stone instead of a boulder. Therefore, the shape was not predefined or influenced by the stone. Any block would have been good to do the work. This is the traditional style of carving.




Echinoderm # 3, back side, marble, 2006



This piece consist of a weathered basalt block with a large starfish (pink granite) and two sea urchins (black basalt) attached to it. It is installed at the Seacoast Science Center, Odiorne Point, Rye, NH in 2007







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