Sacred Places


With this collection I want to remind of the sacredness of our planet. Every place on earth is sacred, but many places have been dishonored by our activities - clear cutting of forests, road building, garbage disposal, neglecting of the soil, ... However, there are places that have kept their pureness and originality. Some of them always have been symbols of the sacredness of our planet, and the grace of the gods: mountains, rivers, sources and caves have been venerated in many cultures. Even man-made objects, like buildings, can add to the sacredness of a place. It is meaning and beauty that make a building either an integral part of the surroundings, or a thorn in the skin of the earth.

This art show took place in January 2006 at the gallery of Kittery Art Association, 8 Coleman Avenue, Kittery Point, Maine.


Sheep Meadow (limestone and rock boulder)

As a child, I kept sheep and bees. Sheep are peaceful and vulnerable. Their thick soft fur keeps them warm as they graze on the windy mountain meadow.

Mountain (suiseki rock, moss, ceramic tray) sold

The beauty of a mountain rising from the jungle, or from the northern woods, is admired by the wanderer. It is an outcropping of the surface of our planet - a cosmic thing.

Moon over Jerusalem (rock plate, travertin, white marble)

The Middle East is birth place of three major religions. It is also a region that has fallen into a long night. With my sculpture I want to remind of the spiritual and cultural richness of the Middle East, as well as its tragedy and hope.

Course of Life (travertine limestone)

We come out of the dark. As we walk our path, we gain a certain overview of our surroundings. In the midst of live, we have the feeling of strength and achievement, but already the path starts winding down. It ends in the dark again. This sculpture is a three-dimensional labyrinth, inspired by my work colleagues Sandee and Peggy.


Lighthouse (Indiana limestone, paint, rock) sold

The lighthouse stands on its lonely rock, resisting weather and waves, giving guidance to the sailor to find his way.

House on Cliff (rock, soapstone. gravel, ceramic tray) sold

Our home is our refuge where we can feel secure. it should be build solid and on a good foundation. Not the size is important, but it's durability and beauty.

Ruins (rock boulder, bluestone base) sold

Ruins of old castles are signs of the cycle of life on the surface of the earth. As we ourselfs come and go, so also do our makings. Slowly they disintegrate into dust, soil and gravel. It helps to give us a perspective of our existence in time.

Earth Temple (rock, limestone base)

This earthen building could be a place of pagan worship, or it could be the remains of a melted cathedral. And although it might look like fossilized worm holes to the outsider, it still could have a lot of meaning for those on the inside.

Island Suiseki (suiseki rock, ceramic tray, sand and rake)

Suiseki is a Japanese art of finding and displaying stones that resemble mountains, islands, and other objects - like bonsai landscapes. Similarly, in Zen gardens rocks represent islands, sand replaces the sea, and ripples in the sand are the waves. Please feel free to use the rake!

Holy Water (formal basin with granite boulder, water, pump) sold

American spaceships are searching for water on mars. Until their success is confirmed, let's enjoy water from earth. In many cultures and religions, water is used in spiritual ceremonies. It should also be sacred to everybody.

Spring and Monk (rock boulder, basalt tray, bluestone, pebbles, water, pump) sold

The monk is kneeling down to touch the holy water. In my home region in Germany, two to three thousand years ago celtic people build temples around springs. For us today, clean water has degenerated to a purely technical item. I remember well an old man in Turkey who wanted to show to me that the water of the river was drinkable. His gesture, hands lifted high and water falling into his mouth, head raised toward the sky, seemed like a prayer.

Big Bang (rock boulder, granite base) sold

If we have been put on earth "ready-made" or as part of an ever developing community of living beings makes little difference in the great scheme of things. The real question is: who made, out of nothing, the big bang?





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