New Work 2011



2011, granite fieldstone, front side (top)


2011, granite fieldstone, back side (bottom)





2011, black African granite

this piece won second prize at the Joan Dunfey Memorial Exhibition of the NHAA in Nov. 2011


Demi Poisson Pourri



Demi Poisson Pourri

2011, granite fieldstone, back side

I consider this one of my signature pieces


Atlantic Sparkler

2011, large granite boulder

this piece was comissioned by the State of NH and is installed at the Hampton beach





consignment piece, 2011

on this stone I used my 'round scales technique' for the first time


Atlantic Sparkler





Still Live with Fish

2011, marble, black granite and other stones




2011, brown granite with black patches



Humpback Whale

Feb. 2011

this impressive piece is carved from very hard South African black Granite (probably really diorite basalt)








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