Stone Inscriptions



I did this engraving on request of my stone supplier and friend Larry for his church in Eliot, Maine

The huge slab comes from his quarry, where I also find most of my sculpting stone. It is a granite of a warm, light tan color, and quite suitable for sculpting as well as many landscape applications.

The layout was drawn on paper and then transferred and enlarged on the stone. All cutting was done without templates, using 4" diamond blades and a variety of diamond bits.


The letters are engraved, but are not very visible unless the sun strikes the surface in a steep angle. To improve visibility, stone shadow (a paint) is applied.

There are two ways to use stone shadow: applied semi-transparent, it will still allow shadows to show, although not as much as in an unpainted engraving. A very dark stone shadow is independent of the sun light. A shadow just doesn't show on a black background. The dark paint makes the engraving visible at all times, however, I find it less interesting. 



gravestone for a pet





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