Fish (full round)


Black Grouper

beach rock, 2005, sold


Rock Fish

rock boulder, 2006, sold


Big Fish - Little Fish

river rock, 2007, sold

Fish with large fin, Feb. 2007, sold

This weighs close to 200 lbs w/out the base. It is carved from a rock boulder in a way that some of the rough, rust-colored boulder surface still shows. The underlying stone is grayish-black when polished. It is very difficult to find a boulder that allows for this shape to be carved.




Wolf Fish, field rock, Nov. 2006

the original rock was a rounded wedge shape


Wolf Fish, head detail

(note how different light changes the color and even the expression of the sculpture)




sea bass, marble, sold

installed in a natural setting (on the right)


This 5-ft.-flounder is meant to be installed in a gravel garden or lawn. The edges are shaped in a way that, after installation, it should be possible to mow over them with a lawn mower without chipping into the stone.

Big Flounder

length approx. 5 ft., granite, 2004 (?) sold



Big Fish Eating Little Fish


Puffer Fish


John Dori

Devonian Fish



Organic Meteorite #2





Atlantic Sparkler, weight approximately 1500 lbs,

installed at Hampton Beach on Nov. 22, 2011


The installation team: Tom and Tom and Randy




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