Castles and Lanterns

limestone castle, height 20"


Fairy castles are used in fairy gardens, rock gardens and trough gardens. I developed these castles out of the idea of chinese stone lanterns. The first castle I carved (on the right) still looks quite oriental. Now I design most of these castles like buildings in my home area on the Moselle river in Germany. 

lantern with monk and lizard, bluestone


detail of the roof

detail stairs with monk

fairy castle with dormers, limestone


fairy castle with stepped gable, limestone

tall limestone castle


a miniature fairy castle in a trough with miniature plants, white marble

another bonsai castle, limestone, front and back, height 9"




stone lantern above garden pond, NH granite

I believe this was my first granite garden sculpture


This is a much larger castle, sculpted from granite in four separate pieces. It contains two hollow areas that are the size of nest boxes and hopefully some birds will use them for that purpose.

The tiny window in the lower part is a drainage hole for one of the nest caves. Entrance to this cave from a larger window on the right, not visible in these photos. Access for cleaning by removing three top pieces.

size: ca. 6 ft. tall after installation (another 2 ft. below ground)


more to come




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