Thomas Berger in TV:
Broadcast about stone sculptor Thomas Berger on July 3rd 2014 in   New Hampshire Chronicle at WMUR /Channel 9



Magazines and Newspapers:

In Tune with Nature / A landscape designer creates an insect haven

by Tovah Martin / Photographed by Penny O'Sullivan / Produced by Marsha Jusczak

Coastal Home, Autumn 2016

A Remarkable Makeover
/ Transforming a 1960s Ranch into a Home suited to Today's Lifestyle was not as easy as it first appeared

by Debbie Kane / Photography by John W. Hession

November / December 2015, New Hampshire Home Magazine


This article is about a home renovation inside and out, including a brief description of the landscaping. Unfortunately, the following link does not contain all of the photos.


Artistic Vision / Call it a Villa or Hacienda, this Seacoast Home is unique

by Tovah Martin / Photography by Bob Karosis / Produced by Marsha Jusczak

Summer 2015, Coastal Home Magazine


A daring home design that incorporates Italian, French and Mexican architectural elements is complemented by Mediterranean-style plant choices and a garden design that is somewhat oriented on those southern traditions.


Casting Shadows / A conversation with stone sculptor Thomas Berger
by Chloe Kanner

July 17, 2015, The Sound


Thomas Berger may be the most recognized stone sculptor in the Seacoast. His work has become a part of the landscape at destinations like the Seacoast Science Center, Prescott Park, and Hampton Beach. ........  He recently took a break to talk to The Sound about the unique qualities of sculpture gardens and working with stone.

The full interview can be found here:   or here if previous link is no longer functional: Interview


Historical accomplishment / USS Thresher marker added to Memorial Park

by D. Allan Kerr

Dec. 26, 2014, Portsmouth Herald


Last week, ahead of the oncoming winter freeze, Kittery Public Works Commissioner Norm Albert and his crew installed the final piece of the USS Thresher Memorial Project......

... The stone bears a bronze plaque listing the names of all the lost Thresher heroes, and also a black granite model of the submarine donated by local sculptor Thomas Berger. ...


Harbor seal sculpture to remain at Seacoast Science Center

Oct. 1, 2014, Portsmouth Herald


A stone sculpture of a juvenile harbor seal will now permanently sit by the main entrance of the Seacoast Science Center.

Created by Kittery, Maine, artist Thomas Berger, the granite sculpture captures the attention of all ages and is the hallmark that inspires the center's visitors to learn about seals and other marine mammals of the Gulf of Maine, the center says. .....


Center hopes to keep Seal Sculpture

Sept. 13, 2014, Portsmouth Herald

The stone sculpture of a juvenile harbor seal that sits by the main entrance of the Seacoast Science Center in Rye is part of Thomas Berger's exhibition 'Ocean Treasures: Homage to Creatures of the Sea."

Berger, a Seacoast artist and landscape designer, has inspired another seacoast artist and longtime supporter of the center, Marcia Gibbons, to challenge the community. Gibbons believes the sculpture, 'Harbor Seal," should be part of the center's permanent collection after the exhibition ends .....


Green Art reflects a love of nature

by Toby Hatchett

June 2010, Home and Garden Edition of the Portsmouth Herald


The spirit of Sculpture in the Garden

by Lynn Felici-Gallant

July 2008, Accent Home and Garden Magazine


In this article, the works of sculptors Karin Stanley, Thomas Berger and Jill Nooney are presented in the context of garden art.


From trash to treasure / 1795 granite street post marked Islington, Brewster streets

by Adam Leech

Aug. 20, 2008, Portsmouth Herald


This is about an antique street marker that Thomas found in a pile of used, old granite that he had purchased for his stone work.


Planting for success / Owner of Green Art finds a way to have it all

by Diana Paquet

Aug. 18, 2008, Portsmouth Herald


Native of Germany cultivates his green thumb on Seacoast

By Irwin Bierhans

May 12, 1998, Portsmouth Herald